About Me

I'm James Dilleen, a full stack developer working out of Cork, Ireland. I've been employed by FireEye, Inc. as a developer as part of their Support Technology Team since May 2016, after completing two internships with the company in 2014 and 2015.

My workday consists of the development of mission critical internal web applications, that aid in the workflow of the companies Customer Support department. These applications aggregate data and display it in a real-time environment, such as live views of tickets submitted by customers, customer satisfaction surveys returned by customers, and a global schedule tool so that engineers can easily determine if colleagues in different regions are in office. All of the above has been developed custom from the ground up for the companies specific requirements.

I also administer the infrastructure that these applications run on, such as virtual servers, databases, Cassandra clusters and Apache / nginx web-servers, proxies and load balancers.

A little about my education; I graduated from the Univerisity of Limerick with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Games Development in 2016, but found a keen interest in web development through my internships with FireEye, Inc.







Cathode Design

I have founded and run a web development and design company called Cathode Design. Send me a mail to get in contact with me for quotes on whatever your needs are. I will try and respond as soon as possible with any follow up questions.

Cathode offers the following services:

  • Static sites
  • Fully fledged sites with authentication, etc.
  • Custom solutions (see examples below)
  • Domain registration / renewal
  • Private email setup & administration
  • Server administration and maintenance

No project is too big or too small. If you feel like anything is out of your depth and want someone to manage it for you, I can help. Know someone who needs a website made? Put them in contact with me and receive a finders fee upon completion. (T&C's)

Levity Media

Levity Media specialises in coordinating with both influencer, and brand to ensure the development and completion of creative online campaigns.

This project was carried out in two phases, an initial static site with a "contact us" function which was completed and released in 2017. This was followed by a larger project leveraging the YouTube Data and Analytics APIs to allow for Levity Media management to view an influencers analytics in real time.

Final Year Project

My final year project was titled "Social Engineering as a Method of deploying Malware on Android Mobile Devices" which involved the development of an Android application, a Web API, a Web UI and conducting a user study before compiling the results into a formal report.

This project was run to highlight the lack of understanding in the general populous about the dangers of Social Engineering and especially how easy it is to be deceived. The end user study consisted of the user being asked to install "a game" I had developed for my FYP and to test it, instead the users were downloading a malicious app and blindly accepting dangerous permissions that enabled me to scrape sensitive data off their device.

The final report has been downloaded 1331 times across 30 countries since being released, click the button below the UL logo to download the full report in PDF format.